Vork Services

Vork Services

Vork Motor-JGS Transportation provides 100% on-time next day and same day LTL and Truckload Service Throughout the Midwest.

Most other motor carriers specialize as either truckload, moving one shipment at a time, or as less-than-truckload, moving multiple small shipments through networks of break bulk centers and terminals. Vork Motor-JGS Transportation has developed an operating system which combines the characteristics of a typical LTL carrier and the operating flexibility and low fixed costs of a truckload carrier.

The Company’s system uses their Carlisle, Ohio (Headquarters) and Florence, Kentucky facilities as origination points for LTL consolidation of both small and large shipments as well as Truckloads. Shipments are loaded into line-haul trailers in a sequence which permits direct unloading at each shipment’s destination, eliminating the need to re-handle individual shipments at one or more break bulk terminals. This direct load to ride LTL service throughout the Midwest has proven invaluable for Vork Motor-JGS Transportation’s customer base by virtually eliminating damaged product and, at the same time, providing superior next day and same day transit time.


  • Truckload
  • LTL (Less Than Truckload)
  • Consolidation & Distribution
  • Electronic Document Interchange (EDI)
  • Expedited and Emergency Delivery Shipments
  • Warehousing